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Electronic LED Displays & LED Signs

Whether you want to inform the office about sales targets or celebrate someone’s birthday, make sure it’s delivered with maximum impact – by using a Spectra Display!


Indoor LED Displays & LED Signs

Single Line LED Display or scrolling display
Single line LED signs and displays - low cost, versatile, scrolling message display, packed with features
Two line LED sign


Two line (Bi-Line) LED signs – from call centre displays to sales and advertising signs


Three line LED displays
Three line LED displays – versatile electronic signs with multiple lines of illuminated text
Four line LED signs
Four line LED displays – more lines, more information! truly flexible LED message signs
Multi-line LED signs
Indoor multi line LED signs – our modular LED display system allows us to custom build to your signage needs

Outdoor LED Displays

Outdoor LED signs and LED displaysOutdoor single and multi line LED signs and displays - weather proof, daylight viewable LED message systems


LED Video Displays

LED Video DisplayLED Video displays, in single, tri and full colour - a stunning display

Reception and Lobby Signs

Reception DisplaysReception and Lobby Displays – welcome your visitors with our stylish electronic LED Reception Displays

Industrial LED Displays

Numeric LED DisplaysNumeric (7 segment) LED displays - a huge range of panel displays from clocks to process indicator displays
LED Production DisplaysIndustrial LED signsproduction displays and target indicators. Vital to keep your business one step ahead!
LED KPI DisplayLED KPI signs and displays - keep your staff informed with of Key Performance Indicators with multi line LED systems


We also have some products available directly at our trade online shop -

Scrolling Signs 

Get your message up in lights...

LED Display
...with high quality, low cost, LED displays and scrolling signs

Whether you want to inform the office about sales targets or celebrate someone's Birthday, make sure it's delivered with maximum impact!

Spectra specialise in the design and manufacture of LED signs, LED displays and large digit panel meters using a variety of display technologies.  Our comprehensive range of LED display products include dot matrix LED signs and graphic boards, multi-line displays, full colour LED video displays, panel meters, large format panel meters, intelligent panel meters, signal conditioners, signal converters and monitoring equipment.  Our modular display system allows us to custom build large numeric and alphanumeric LED displays and LED signs to your exact specification.

With single line dot matrix LED display prices starting from below £100 Spectra have a display to suit your needs and budget

LED Sign

The necessity for effective analysis and distribution of information is ever more crucial to the modern business.  By combining our LED displays, panel meters and monitoring equipment we are able to offer full turnkey solutions to ensure your business critical information is clearly relayed right to where it is needed.

iBall LED Signs
Our versatile systems offer high reliability for all applications of information systems and LED signs including safety displays, KPI signs (key performance indicators), LED video signs, tri-colour, multicolour and full colour LED displays, bi-line displays, multi-line displays, financial displays, sports scoreboards, production displays, reception displays, ACD wallboards, call centre displays, airport and transport displays, PID displays (passenger information display), cinema displays and signs, box office displays, auditoria displays.

Our LED displays can also be easily integrated into existing systems providing ideal solutions for LED advertising displays, promotional displays and information displays for shop windows, casinos, clubs, bars, restaurants, museums and other public areas. Magic Ball LED Signs

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