55 Inch Outdoor Freestanding Digital Poster

55 Inch Outdoor Freestanding Digital Poster

Spectra has a wealth of experience designing and building some of the most attention-grabbing outdoor freestanding digital posters you'll find on the market. Discover why we're the number one choice for so many of the UK's most successful businesses.

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Our popular dynamic outdoor freestanding digital posters are lighting up outdoor locations all over Europe. Using a robust outer casing that can stand up to even the toughest elements - including extreme hot and cold temperatures. Our tailor-made air-conditioning systems also allows you to use our posters in any climate. Incredibly resilient to dust, debris and moisture - allowing for optimum performance at all times. You can rely on our digital posters to withstand the test of time and even public manhandling. They also come with a standard brightness of 1500cd/m2, more than three times brighter than a home TV. 

Item Description
Usage Designed to be used 24/7
Resolution 1080 x1920
Inputs Multiple HDMI
High Brightness Yes
Weather Proof Yes
Vandal Retardant Yes
Temperature Control Yes