55 Inch Slimline Freestanding Digital Posters

55 Inch Slimline Freestanding Digital Posters

Spectra’s slimline digital posters are a compact eye-catching tool to help shoppers make quicker, more informed choices. Whatever your business, our expert team can design and build high-definition solutions for you to be able to fit in absolutely any space.

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The slimline version of our show-stopping digital poster displays! These have an integrated HD media player, so you can update your media files simply by inserting a USB memory stick.  An easy-to-use format any of your staff can update, quickly and without fuss. Ideal for grabbing your customers attention no matter which industry you operate in.

Please note: All communications options in the drop down list (apart from USB), require a cloud based server subscription.

Item Description
Resolution 1080 x 1920
Castors Integrated
Inputs USB plug and play, multiple HDMI inputs
Usage Designed to be used 24/7
Software Scheduling software provided FREE
Super Slim Profile Yes
Scrolling Ticker Text Yes