57mm Digit Numeric Serial Repeater Displays

57mm Digit Numeric Serial Repeater Displays

The Serial display series will display characters using the ACSII character set, and use DIP switches to set up various baud rates and communication settings. Up to 32 Serial displays can be addressed independently. Perfect for industrial areas, they can be panel or wall mounted and all options are housed in extruded anodized aluminium. Please get in touch to discuss your needs today.

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4 & 6 digit numeric LED displays, with either 57mm or 100mm digit height.

ASCII Serial code repeater, for PC or PLC connection.  Up to 31 units on the same bus, each with its own address and broadcast address.

Accepts data via: RS232, RS423, RS422 and RS485 as well as TTL data and 0/20mA digital loop.

Baud rates up to 19200

Display luminosity control.

Item Description
Dimensions - 6 Digits 384 x 120 x 112mm (WW x HH x DD)
Power Input 115VAC, 230VAC, 24VDC
Dimensions - 4 Digits 264 x 120 x 112mm. (WW x HH x DD)
Extras Wall mounting adapters & gaskets available, call for details