Point of Sale Advertising

Spectra’s LED signs and displays help to increase impulse purchases, target passing traffic and net you bigger profits than ever before.

LED Point of Sale Advertising is your golden ticket to increasing sales for your business.

You’ll find our LED signs at Point of Sale, window displays and advertising signage the length and breadth of Oxford Street - and all over the UK.

From Primark to Nespresso and SportsDirect to Tesco, our High Definition and dynamic LED displays are used at that crucial Point of Sale by some of the world's biggest retailers, prestigious showrooms and flagship stores.

Why? Because they offer multiple opportunities for up-selling to a captive audience and offer the most cost-effective return on investments than any other advertising medium.

Meeting your needs

The programmable nature of Spectra's ready-made and bespoke LED displays offer fantastic flexibility and versatility, whichever sector of retail you operate in.   

Your advertising message can be updated instantly providing an easy and cost-effective solution to alert your customers to promotions, new products and other branded information. 

Are you ready to maximise your profitable Point of Sale areas? Get in touch today and discover the power of LED displays for Point of Sale Advertising


  • Highest quality, robust and reliable LED signs
  • Crystal clear, immaculate resolution
  • Easy installation and servicing
  • Leading-edge technology
  • Manufactured in the UK
  • Fast delivery and flexible warranties

At Spectra we live and breathe high-quality LED signs and displays.

To know more about LED displays for retail, contact our friendly customer service team today on +44 1353 661182 or email us at sales@spectra-displays.co.uk


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