Cafe and Restaurant Digital Displays

Many UK cafés, restaurants and canteens use our LED displays to help them quickly and easily communicate with their staff and customers.

When you're running a busy catering business, having to change daily menus, prices and signs can take up valuable time from your day.

LED signs can be used to replace menus, posters and blackboards, allowing you to change options and prices - all at the flick of a switch. 

Making your life easier

As well as saving you time, our eye-catching LED displays can help promote your food business, encouraging sales from those hungry customers. And with no bulky computer or DVD player attachments, everything is built into the display unit to keep it sleek and lightweight.

Here are some of the benefits of Spectra's designs:

  • Just insert a card and turn it on, no computer required
  • Runs still images, movie files, music and even text
  • Easy to copy files through USB port or memory cards
  • Eco friendly automatic timer saves energy when you are closed
  • Secure lockable media card slot

Meeting your needs

Whatever your requirements, our off-the-shelf and bespoke LED displays offer major benefits to the hospitality industry, saving you money in the long run, while giving your customers an eye-catching, easy to read sign, menu or board.

Looking to replace your traditional menu boards, posters and signs? Get in touch today and find out why our LED displays are the perfect fit for your business. 


  • Highest quality, robust and reliable LED signs
  • Crystal clear, immaculate resolution
  • Easy installation and servicing
  • Leading-edge technology
  • Manufactured in the UK
  • Fast delivery and flexible warranties

At Spectra we live and breathe high-quality LED displays.

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Cafe and Restaurant Digital Signage

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