Every school, campus and university needs good communication to operate effectively.

Spectra’s digital displays and signs are a cost-effective and practical alternative to manually updated signs, which can be time consuming, susceptible to vandalism and can become quickly out of date.

Meeting your needs

Whatever you’re looking to communicate: whether it’s emergency alerts, timetable updates, special events or location changes, you can rely on our state-of-the-art, built-to-last LED signs to ensure accurate – and fast information.

We offer an extensive range of ready-made and custom-built LED displays and can advise on the best signs to suit your space. For instance:

  • Welcoming visitors in school lobbies or reception areas
  • Providing information for pupils and staff
  • Highlighting timetable and location changes
  • Advertising special events or after school clubs
  • Safety and fire drill information

From a single line one colour LED sign to display simple text such as date, time or lessons, to full colour LED video for productions and advertising, we can design and build a sign for all your education needs.

If you’re looking for highly visible and exceptionally easy to update LED signs, please get in touch today and find out why we’re the number one choice for so many UK schools and universities.


  • Highest quality, robust and reliable LED signs
  • Crystal clear, immaculate resolution
  • Easy installation and servicing
  • Leading-edge technology
  • Manufactured in the UK
  • Fast delivery and flexible warranties

At Spectra we live and breathe high-quality LED displays.

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