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15 Nov 2014

Alaskan Skiers in LED suits - watch the video!

Stunt performing skiers glided brightly down the slopes in British Columbia and Alaska as their skills were filmed for a short video.  The night time adventures were recorded and released on the VIMEO website. Director…
14 Nov 2014

Changing times at Samsung

Although previously identified as a key growth area, Samsung, the South Korean multinational has revealed it is ceasing to operate its LED business, in overseas marketing, concentrating soley on national supply. It appears the decision…
11 Nov 2014

Yorkshire Company Develop Bulb with CRI of 97

Research into LEDs seems to popular all over the globe, from the US, to the Far East and in Yorkshire! Huddersfield start-up company, Well-lit has declared a triumph in developing lights with 97 out of…