2016 or 2018? European Commission still to decide on end date for phase-out of halogen light bulbs

09 Feb 2015

Experts are anticipating the ban on high energy using light bulbs to be brought forward to 2016 as the debate continues as to whether an extension to 2018 would give the industry the time it needs to address all the technical issues the change over will bring. A continuing concern that CFL and LED technology cannot fully plug the gap left by halogen bulbs, due to some incompatibility with switches and circuits, coupled with the obvious problem of the high cost of the initial investment, the transition may not prove to be such a smooth one.

As things stand at the minute, traditional incandescent bulbs are already banned from sale within the EU and the next stage of phase-out demands that to be eligible for sale within the EU, bulbs must be at least energy efficient class B.

Give the fact that LED light bulbs use up to 90% less energy than incandescent bulbs it can be agreed that whatever the date decided, in the long run the move to LED should be supported wholly.

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