2020 - A bad year for most but a banner year for Spectra Displays!

25 Jan 2021

2020 is unlikely to be remembered fondly by most. For Spectra, however, it represented a year of overcoming some pretty substantial odds to deliver ambitious digital display solutions to businesses across the UK. It also marked a year where we branched out to explore dozens of exciting new opportunities, expanding beyond digital displays into many of the areas directly affected by the pandemic.

Starting as we meant to go on

Back in February, when for most people the coronavirus was still little more than a vague nagging concern, we doubled down on our pledge to use digital signage as a means of reducing waste and encouraging environmental preservation. When the pandemic hit, we responded with lightning speed, moving many of our employees to remote positions and continuing to operate within government guidelines where work was allowed to proceed.

During the first lockdown, we also announced an exciting partnership with the Belfast-based holistic consultancy solutions firm EventMAP. Spectra provided LCD touchscreens for the company’s best-in-class room booking software solution - Booker. By utilising our bespoke Android-based touchscreens, EventMAP users were able to check room availability, book a room, or check into meetings; this is only scratching the surface. It was just one of many interesting partnerships Spectra have been cultivating over the last few years.

Turning the pandemic on its heels

It was on the other side of the first lockdown when the world slowly began to return to relative normality (albeit for a short time) that we were able to use our 31 years of expertise to truly make an impact. By the summer, one of the main trends that we saw taking hold as the true fallout of the pandemic became apparent was a heavier reliance on messaging to help with social distancing measures and hand sanitiser stations. 

Spectra was able to pivot many of its resources towards these new in-demand segments of the market and produce digital hand sanitiser displays that were able to combine sanitisation with messaging in one product. We also put two feet into the future with our investment in facial recognition and made some serious inroads with the film industry and healthcare sector. Indeed, it was the healthcare sector that really took advantage of our facial recognition thermometer display, which was able to scan faces and check temperatures quickly and completely contact-free.

As the world began to rely more on messaging at a distance, we were able to provide solutions for retail, hospitality and more that allowed them to open safely and securely.  We provided LED displays to direct customer traffic in stores and digital hand sanitiser stations to keep members safe at the gym. Indeed, if you were out and about during the tail end of summer 2020, chances are you saw or used a Spectra product and you didn’t even realise it!

Reaching new heights

It wasn’t just COVID we helped fight in 2020, we also helped one global brand fight against the impossible to create something completely unique. We were tasked with designing and building a curved LED Video Wall to line up alongside a curved staircase in a high profile location in Milan. It was a tall order but it’s just the kind of challenge Spectra was made for, having spent 31 years offering the very best forward-thinking engineering experience to our clients.

The screen was a dynamic, breathtaking and cutting-edge display made up of multiple separate LED panels giving a high definition custom resolution over 60m2 of display total. A project like this is all about being on the same page as the client when it comes to design, budgets and the all-important result. This meant keeping an open and transparent line of communication open between our engineers and the client. 

Looking forward with style

With the curved LED video wall we were trying to achieve something that had never really been done before. In essence, that’s what 2020 was all about for us and what 2021 hopefully will be too. It was a year of unprecedented firsts; a year of great challenge and even greater changes. But at every twist and turn, Spectra was able to adapt and flourish. Going forward, with 2021 looking set to be just as challenging, that’s going to be what sets us apart and what we hope keeps our customers coming back. COVID or no COVID.

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