Alaskan Skiers in LED suits - watch the video!

15 Nov 2014

Stunt performing skiers glided brightly down the slopes in British Columbia and Alaska as their skills were filmed for a short video.  The night time adventures were recorded and released on the VIMEO website. Director Nick Waggoner chose to make the film because of a desire to ‘shake-up’ skiing films that have become too run-of-the-mill.

The skiers were wrapped in specially made LED suits made of 7,000 LED lights, a gigantic task that was not without hiccups and proved particularly hard in terms of the sheer weight of filming gear involved; sleds most certainly came in handy!

Shot in March and April in some of the most beautiful skiing locations available, director Waggoner hopes to change the way ski films are received by audiences.

You can watch the fantastic video via the link below:

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