The Benefits Of Touchscreen Technology

23 Jun 2021

Touchscreen benefits

Touchscreens have rocketed their way into a firm position in the modern world. Phones, computers, and tills use this technology for ease of access and usage.

But what about using this technology in digital signage? What benefits can we gain from using this method in large, public-use devices? Let’s find out.

Engaging Clients & Increasing Productivity

Providing these devices to your clients in a retail environment can be great.

Digital signage that allows prospective clients to view promotions in your store, while being able to view specific products in stock, can turn that prospect into a guaranteed client.

This allows the client to feel engaged with your brand and catch their eye increasing the likelihood that they will visit the store and make that purchase.

Another example of this can be self-service checkouts, such as those seen in supermarkets. While we may not see this as digital signage, it incorporates the core idea of client engagement, whilst maintaining a clear process.

These can help to streamline the shopping process, allowing for in-store representatives to interact and attend to your client’s potential needs.

Customer Experience & Accessibility

Large digital signs, like those interactive ones we just mentioned, are not only great for catching the attention of potential customers; they are also enticing once initially noticed.

A large display, with a simple and easy to use interface, can be very inviting to those who walk by. An opportunity to easily browse what you have on offer can boost those sales significantly. Of course, this also comes with the benefit of displaying your branding for all to see. Digital signage doesn’t just make the client’s experience easier, but it will actively advertise your brand and increase brand engagement.

As well as this, touchscreen digital signage can aid those with visual impairments. Larger writing and graphics will make your products easier to browse. Doubtless, you don’t need us to tell you that the more user-friendly you can make your experience (especially for people with visual impairments), the more appreciated your service will be. 

Most of these signs are also fitted with zoom functions, further aiding your potential clients.

Improved Service Speed & Labour Cost Reduction

The best examples we can provide for service speed are the touchscreen devices at train stations and airports.

It is commonplace for touchscreen digital signage to be put in place, allowing travellers to pay for their tickets quickly and efficiently.

Not only is the time required for the service to be completed reduced significantly, allowing the customer to see to their needs quickly and efficiently, this can also directly lower the costs of a business, such as labour.

By implementing digital signage, we can remove the need for people manning ticket desks, especially on those expensive nighttime or evening shifts. 

The 24/7 service that digital signage can provide will be well-received, as well as allowing you to re-organise your teams.

If you are interested in more digital signage content and how it can help you improve the factors outlined above, give us a call on 01353 661182. We can then discuss what steps you can take directly.

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