The best use of digital signage in healthcare

28 Sep 2020

With the coronavirus pandemic still sweeping the globe and no end in sight, the healthcare sector has never been more vital. But if that same sector was stuck in the past, then it might come off as antiquated and confusing, particularly with the great modern innovations that have happened in digital signage over the last decade.

In hospitals and doctor’s surgeries across the UK, however, digital signage is being used to cultivate a more ergonomic and organic healthcare experience. 

Here, we examine a few of the most exciting and innovative ways digital signage is being used in healthcare.


Up-to-date information is one of the most important aspects of any healthcare practice. As we saw during the pandemic, public health advice changed seemingly by the day and digital displays are able to be updated with the latest information as and when it’s released. 

This is unlike printed signs, which need to be physically removed and replaced, a freestanding digital information touch screen can be updated instantly as required. It could also be used to display emergency messages and connect with everyone in the hospital at the same time.

Waiting room displays

The waiting room experience can be one of the dullest and most depressing experiences imaginable and worst of all, it can be incredibly confusing, particularly if it’s busy. 

A digital display is an engaging and informative way for doctor’s surgeries to let patients know what doctor they are seeing, when they are expected to be called, where they are in the queue, and which room they are going to be seen in. 

You can also pepper the display with health advice and information to help soothe anxious patients, as well as more benign local information to help take their minds off their ills.


Many hospitals are vast and daunting constructions with hundreds of rooms and different departments scattered over what can be miles of identical-looking buildings. 

Given that people in hospitals are unlikely to have much patience and will want to find their respective departments (or their loved ones) as expediently as possible.

Digital way-finding is a more flexible, dynamic, and secure way for patients, their loved ones and staff to find their way around those seemingly endless corridors. 

There’s even the potential for interactive detail kiosks that reveal where you are and how you can get where you need to do.


An efficient hospital is one that’s better equipped to treat its patients. Digital signage can be used to help staff communicate with one another and share treatment information from across the hospital instantly. 

They could also be used to display performance metrics and even patient testimonials to keep doctors and nurses inspired. They could even be used to display case studies that help in the training and education of new staff.

From hospitals to dentists and local GP offices, we’ve only just scratched the surface as far as what’s possible is concerned. Digital signage solutions exist primarily to educate and inform and healthcare offers the perfect platform for that kind of content. 

In an age of consistent concern and worry, there’s never been a greater need for communication and coordination and that’s exactly what a digital display solution can offer.

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