The benefits of big screen sales

17 Oct 2018

A big screen advert outside a store

In the past, shops used big, cardboard signs in the window to advertise their wares. These static, garish messages have been so marginalised by big screens that they are seen less and less, and in fewer stores than ever. But what are the benefits of using big screens and how does their deployment boost sales?


One of the major benefits of big screens in-store is their adaptability. It presents the opportunity to change the message day by day, week by week, changing to reflect a dynamic sales environment. Writing for Unibox, Chris Bardsley explains:

“Retailers need to do more with their spaces, creating experiences that shoppers engage with and remember, rather than visiting a particular shop for ease. This is where product displays are key...chance are product turnaround will be high, and displays will need to evolve constantly to keep up with customer demand and trends. Creating a display that can adapt to this is essential for both product choice and cost to the retailer. Light and animation is the only way to attract attention in a competitive environment. Experimenting with colour temperatures of light to stand out from the rest of the store, or implementing graphic displays that have integrated animation technology, can help draw the eye of shoppers towards your display.”

For instance, in the case of clothing stores it's possible to alter the colour scheme of the entire store season by season, simply by using a different collection of visual imagery on your big screens. Stores should use an un-intrusive colour scheme for the bricks and mortar, and rely on the screens to paint the picture for shoppers.

Drawing in customers

The main benefit of big screens is that they can used to draw in more customers for a business than ever before. In part, this is because of the size; a bigger message is seen by more people. However, it's also the visually stimulating opportunities that draw in your target audience.

Additionally, a big screen with a moving picture tells a story, the same way that you might with a televised advert. What's more, you can create a synergy between your various marketing campaigns that would have been more difficult to achieve in the past. Your ad campaign can be used again, played out on the high street to cement the connection between your advert and the store. Again, done right, this encourages people to stay and watch the entire clip being played. The longer they're outside the store watching, the higher the chance they may enter and make a purchase.

Variable sales

When using big screens inside the store, it's possible to balance your inventory by pushing the sales of a particular product above others. You can also measure more easily measure your ROI.

If you're interested in finding out first hand the benefits of using big screens to boost sales, get in touch with a member of our friendly team.

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