Five tips for communication through visual media

12 Dec 2018

Communicating with your customers using visual marketing and advertising can mean the difference between a successful sales year and a flatlining performance. Despite the glut of technology and the innumerable ways of reaching your potential customers, turning views into conversions, online or in real life, is a significant challenge to any business owner. Visual media is everything in sales nowadays and it all starts with understanding how to communicate with the customers you want to reach. In this post, we offer five tips to give your communications a boost.

Develop a brand identity

People should know what your company is, and what it stands for, without being told. That means your advertising should be unified under a central theme and style, ideally with the same imagery used for everything your customers see. It’s one reason that so many stores opt to install LED screens, since it allows them to replicate national campaign imagery without making any significant in-store changes.

Use the space

In a widely shared infographic on visual communications design, Column Five Media make the point that imagery should, “Keep negative space. When too much information is in a layout, messaging becomes cluttered and incoherent.”

Don’t be afraid of including space in your advertising, particularly when using LED screens to display it. The white space serves to emphasise your message and offers you visual contrast. Potential customers will find it easier to discern your message and will be more engaged by it as a result.

Colour and meaning

Writing for Smedio, Tony Bridgeman explains the importance of recognising that colour choices matter:

“Every visual communication specialist should be familiar with the psychology of colour. While the connection between colour and emotional response varies from person to person, there are at least a few colours we can be reasonably sure fit certain types of messages. Blue conveys strength and trust — one reason why it is so often used in corporate logos.

Red conveys excitement, action and passion. Red is useful for messages encouraging a direct and immediate response — but too much of it could scare people away.”

Be simple

Don’t try and overload consumers with information just because you can. It might be tempting, especially if you do opt for LED screens in-store, to “flood the zone” with information and other content. Keep your imagery clean and simple to have the biggest impact. Cut to the core of your intended message, and use your communications to tell your target consumers what that is.

Enjoy movement

One of the key benefits of using LED screens to display advertising in-store is that you can employ moving images. It is far more effective at capturing consumers’ imagination than traditional, static mediums like cardboard. It also allows you to stretch your advertising budget, since materials made for online platforms like Youtube can be re-used on LED screens. Rather than seeming cheap, this actually adds value to your marketing, the synergy helping to cement yours as a growing and successful brand.

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