Consumer Electrics Show, Vegas – Highlights.

22 Feb 2014

The recent Consumer Electrics Show in Las Vegas exhibited two completely different sized flexible displays, putting an end to long-time wondering whether the electronic industry would ever be able to produce them.

LG showed its Flexphone (152mm) and, at the other end of the scale, a bendable TV coming in at 2m, whilst Samsung unveiled its similarly small-sized Galaxy Round (145mm) and a 2.2m demonstrator TV. (Note, Samsung’s Galaxy Round is not truly a flexible phone, but it does use a bendable OLED for its curved displays.)

So, the question as to whether they would ever emerge onto the market has been answered but now another question remains – would anyone really want a bendable TV?

The idea for them originates from the improved viewing experience of the large screen curved TV which has creates a panoramic effect and improved viewing angles. The basic design of which, however, would usually only really suit a central viewer. Flat screen still provides the best experience for people spread about a room in the more usual large screen viewing arrangement.

With LG’s 77in-flexing TV, LG have taken into account principle factors that decide the viewing experience; screen size and viewing distance and subjected the flexible emerging product to literally hundreds of thousands of hours of tests.

Also at CES, alongside bendable display TVs, the two companies also competed with very large permanently-curved screen TV.s

Samsung’s largest curved TV, the U9500, had a specification: 21 x 9 aspect ratio executed with 11 million pixels in a 5,120 x 2,160 array. Innovation is truly the name of the game for the South Korean company. You may remember Samsung revealed a 1.4m curved OLED model at the IFA show in Berlin last year and made inventive use of the available pixel speed with something they named ‘Multi-View’ enabling two people to watch two different channels at the same time on the same screen using Multi-View glasses.

Finally, one of the biggest and most enormous TV screen at this year’s 2014 was, again, an impressive exhibit from Samsung, a 110-inch (2.8m) S9 flat screen demonstrator, described by Samsung as having a strong and stable yet slim and sleek frame producted through compression frame technology.

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