Developments in plant nutrition using the power of LED.

24 Nov 2015

Plant lighting specialists working in the states for lighting giant Philips are citing LED lighting as the next step in optimising plant growth and nutrition by studying how plants respond to light to aid cultivation capabilities  

Using LED lighting in horticulture is a relatively new project in the US due to their heavy focus on monoculture crops which consistently grow well under certain controlled conditions that are not subject to change.  Because of the difference in geography, climate and seasonal production cycles of the large country, devising a method to incorporate the use of different lighting needs careful examination and development says Dr. Abhay Thosar, who is collaborating with customers to develop solutions particular to their unique growing conditions. 

Once he has an understanding of a grower’s priorities and objectives, Thosar begins working on the integration of lighting requirements with their current systems creating lighting “recipes” which have so far being enjoying good results; reduction in the needs to sheer and crop plants and improvement in propagation rates, to name just two.

In terms of which LED product to choose the plant scientist advises careful consideration and taking time to research as not all LEDs have the qualities specific to the success of such a project.

You can read this interesting article in full via the link below.

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