Bringing sandwich boards to life - Using digital A-boards to draw the punters in

15 Jul 2021

Grabbing people’s attention is going to be difficult in a post-COVID world that was already blighted by perpetual distraction. People are just not as easy to dazzle as they once were, which is why spending a small fortune on a digital display might not always be the best option, particularly for a smaller hospitality business.

But what about a digital signage solution that was affordable, flexible, portable and either mains or battery-powered? A solution that could be changed on the fly, would work rain or shine and could be mounted comfortably in any busy pedestrian location?

What is a digital A-board?

As the name suggests, an A-board is a lightweight, portable display board with two slanted sides that are shaped like the letter A. Also known in some corners as a “digital sandwich board,” some models can be folded and carried away whereas others are a little larger and have a display on both sides. They are significantly thinner than the vast majority of their digital signage counterparts and are not designed to be stationary but to be moved from place to place.

What benefits could digital A-boards bring to your business?

The high streets and shopping centres are slowly starting to churn back into life and it’s time for businesses to start making the most of this retail renaissance. With that in mind, here are a few benefits that digital A-board signs can bring to your brand or business.

Attention-grabbing - Whereas a static sign might be able to draw in a few people with information alone, a digital A-board can include eye-catching video material and colourful images that will make customers stop and take notice. 

Double-sided - A dual-side A-frame will allow you to display content on both screens so you can catch consumer traffic coming from both directions. Better yet, you can switch the content back and forth on the fly and experiment with which set-up brings in the best ROI.

Battery-powered - While they can be mains-powered, many digital A-boards can also be purchased as cord-free designs, meaning you don’t have to keep them tethered to your business. You could move it as far away from the entrance as possible and not have to worry about somebody tripping over a wire.

All-day, every day - On average, these solutions run for around 14 hours, which means you could have them on display for an entire working day or night and then charge them while you’re shut.

Standing out - The competition for business is going to be brutal now that we’re all finally emerging from lockdown. It’s been found that digital signage brings in as much as 400% more views than static alternatives and it’s far more likely to draw in that always expanding 18-24 crowd.

Whatever the weather - As they are designed to be used outdoors, digital A-boards are built to withstand the extreme heat and the bitter cold. They are also dust and waterproof and include brightness controls that allow your content to shine whatever the weather.

Time and money - Not only will it save you the time having to take down and install new signs every time you want to change your messaging but it will pay for itself over time in what you save on paper. An ideal long-term investment for a sector that is going to need all the help it can get.

Contact Spectra today to discuss how our digital A-boards and dozens of other digital signage options could be used to boost your business traffic this year.

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