Digital hand sanitiser stations - A golden opportunity for post-coronavirus retail

08 Jun 2020

The best retailers and business owners are those that are able to see an opportunity, even in a crisis. And there are few crises as severe and potentially devastating as coronavirus. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought the retail and business world to its knees, with global mass part-time closures bringing the economy to a standstill and leaving business owners uncertain about the future. 

Given the constantly evolving news cycle and the government’s increasingly wishy-washy approach to the pandemic, that uncertainty is only going to increase in the upcoming months.

But, as we’ve already said, the best of us are those that can grasp a silver lining for even the darkest of clouds and see an opportunity where others see hopelessness. One such opportunity is the use of hand sanitiser stations as a fresh and organic means of advertising.

What is a hand sanitiser station?

With ‘non-essential’ retail stores set to re-open across the country on June 15, there are two key factors retailers are going to have to seriously consider that might not have been of much concern in a pre-coronavirus world. 

Firstly, they are going to have to ensure social distancing in maintained, which can be helped along by utilising stickers to direct customers and remind them of the safe 2-metre distance and either traffic light, fixed text displays, or digital access control panels to let customers know when to enter the store and when to wait outside.

Secondly, they have a significantly enhanced standard of hygiene to consider, as customers are going to require easy access to facilities that will allow them to wash their hands. 

In most stores, it would be impractical to install hand washing basins at every aisle, but a hand sanitiser station is the perfect, cost-effective alternative.

This is a station designed to hold bottles of hand sanitiser, alongside potential PPE, for the use of customers and you’ll probably be seeing a lot more of them in the coming weeks. 

But there is a way to go a step further than that whilst also giving retailers access to a brand new marketing platform.

Digital hand sanitiser stations

In situations where hygiene is important but hand washing facilities are impractical or impossible, hand sanitiser stations with digital screens built-in offer a completely contactless option that can be loaded with a hand sanitiser solution that’s automated by a non-spray, non-clog, and non-drip contactless dispenser.

The real bonus, however, is the addition of a full, commercial-grade, Android compatible digital display that can be used not only to reinforce social distancing guidelines and hygiene reminders but as an advertising platform too. 

The display can be quite comfortably wall-mounted or attached to its own attractive floor stand, complete with stylish LED strip.

It’s essentially a marketing computer that doubles up as a responsible solution for businesses that value the health and safety of their staff and employees above all else. 

It also offers a great opportunity for marketing activity that could require a little more attention, as people have been told to wash their hands for at least 20 seconds

This opens the door for many more advertising opportunities besides simple one-shot slideshows and could include everything from videos, to interactive activations and plenty more besides. 

So, why not find the silver lining in this crisis and order your digital hand sanitiser station today?

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