Digital signage content ideas for almost any industry

22 Sep 2020

Digital signage is one of the most practical investments any business can make but it’s also an investment that brings with it a rather unique problem. 

Whereas traditional signage is static and unchanging, digital signage can be changed not only by the day but by the minute. This means businesses need to keep coming up with interesting content to keep that signage relevant.

It’s something that demands more thought than simply repurposing old content from posters and flyers and while you could have a walk around your high street and check out what the competition is using on their own signage, some ideas don’t translate well between different sectors. 

Content that works wonders for the local takeaway isn’t necessarily going to sit well with the barbershop. 

But what if there were some great content ideas for digital signage that could be quite easily used across multiple industries? Best of all, with a digital information screen, you could quite comfortably scan through all of these ideas in a consistent slideshow. 

So, you don’t just have to pick the best ideas, you can use them all and add a dozen or so of your own to boot!

Inspirational quote - Yes it might be a little cringeworthy, but quotes are often vague for a reason; they are written to fit almost any situation. 

By their very nature they can be either oblique or obvious; metaphorical or direct. And best of all, there are thousands of quotes scattered across the internet waiting to be matched with some nifty graphics.

Operating hours - If your signage is kept on display even when you’re closed, it’s always convenient to have your operating hours displayed for all to see.

 As you can change your display on the fly, it also means you can alter hours as you see fit, which is particularly handy on bank holidays when nobody is 100% sure when anyone is open or not.

Local weather - One of the most common reasons people will glance down and check their phones is to check up on the weather. 

So, give them one less reason to look at their phones and one more reason to look at your business by listing the local weather forecast.

Reviews and testimonials - If anyone has ever said a nice word about your business then here’s the perfect opportunity to spread that positivity. Whether it’s a positive review left on Facebook or Tripadvisor or a client who has just emailed you telling you how pleased they were with your service, make sure the rest of the world can see how great everyone else thinks you are.

Press - In the same breath as testimonials, a little positive press can’t hurt, particularly if it’s from a respected source or a local source with some clout.

Commercials - The most obvious piece of content. Use your digital display to promote your latest deals and products or run your latest advertisements. 

The flexibility of a modern LED display means you should be able to use assets from TV and online commercials and accentuate them with videos and images that might not work in any other context.

Birthday wishes and other personal messages - Finally, why not allow customers and employees to use the digital signage to display their personal messages from time-to-time? This will give your brand a little shot of character and could become something of a local talking point.

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