Is digital signage the key to bringing the office back after lockdown?

05 May 2021

Digital signage in the office

With the spring now gently fading into summer and that June 21st date looming ahead like a beacon, things are finally starting to “get back to normal.”

One thing the pandemic might have changed forever though is our relationship to work. Indeed, remote working has become the rule rather than the exception over the last 12 months.

Still, all the Zoom meetings in the world can’t truly replace the electricity of the office, which is why so many plan on returning to their 9-5 commutes in the coming months. 

They wll be returning, however, to a very different environment to the one they left; an environment where everyone is still (understandably) a little on-edge and might have to re-learn how to walk before they can run, so to speak.

As such, employees are going to need a little extra help. That’s where our digital display solutions come into play. There are various products designed to offer clear information and wayfinding that we think could make the return to the office as stress-free as possible. 

Below are just a few of the reasons you might want to invest in the coming weeks.


When they first return to work, team members are going to be given a bit of an information dump that they might struggle to process. 

Digital displays are an ideal way to communicate this information clearly and effectively to team members and remind them gently as they return to work. 

Considering the amount of COVID safety precautions that will need to be followed in the post-COVID workplace, this is perhaps the most practical use.


From digital signs and displays for the reception and lobby area to internal office displays that can be used as everything from clocks to social event reminders, there is no end to the ways displays can be used in your office. 

Do you require a warm welcome that will also reiterate that social distancing measures are in place? Do you also want this warm welcome to be able to display company branding and feel as though it’s an organic part of the decor? Look no further.


With pursestrings being stretched tighter than ever before thanks to the pandemic, we understand you’re not looking for a solution to the “new normal” that’s going to set you back a small fortune. 

Other initiatives such as completely rearranging the office, installing plexiglass screens and segregating larger spaces into self-contained rooms are all going to be disruptive and costly. Installing a few digital displays, meanwhile, is a significantly more cost-effective and practical solution.

Making a statement

When they return to the office, your team members are going to be a little shell shocked. Not only might they find conversation a little stilted and awkward, but they are going to be more than a little anxious about operating within the confines of the new normal. 

Investing in digital signage is employers making a bold statement about their commitment to the safety of their team, which is bound to inspire confidence. 

And with some eye-catching new digital displays lighting up the office, they will at least have something to talk about. 

Not only that but visitors and potential customers/clients will be dazzled by them too. And couldn’t we all use a little more razzle-dazzle in our days right now?

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