Using digital signage to exploit the ‘honeymoon effect’

24 Sep 2020

We’ve all heard of the ‘honeymoon’ period of a relationship when everything is new and exciting and seems so easy. But did you know this is a phenomenon which stretches far past relationships? 

Indeed, whether you know it or not, your business might have already benefited from it in a passive way but to exploit it you need to understand what it really is and how digital signage can be used to benefit from it.

What is the honeymoon effect?

When a product or service is brand new it’s always going to draw more enthusiasm and more business just because it’s new and original. That’s why it’s so rare for businesses to simply release two or three products and improve them incrementally. Unless you’re Apple. 

The only way to take advantage of this innate interest is to keep releasing new products and new services to increase general interest in the brand and retain relevancy.

The honeymoon effect in action

When smartphones first began to rise in popularity and develop a mainstream audience, marketers found that mobile advertising effectiveness overtook desktop effectiveness

While it’s true that even today it’s mobile-first advertising that remains the marketing strategy with the best ROI, it was in those first few years when smartphones were still a novelty that the figures were exceptional. But how can this effect be replicated by digital signage?

Exploiting the honeymoon effect with digital signage

Adding new products and services to your businesses portfolio is one thing, but it’s not something you can do every week. So how do you best capitalise on the honeymoon effect regularly? Digital signage.

Not only will a large format LCD or an LED video screen look more inviting and exciting than a dull static image, but it can be updated as and when you see fit. 

This means that you can change the screens not only every week but every day or even every hour, constantly giving the customers something new to be excited by.

There are also ways of using digital signage to add new and exciting elements to your business that draw in customers and get people talking about your brand. 

For example, installing a touchscreen ordering system or a digital information display that changes based on audience interaction would certainly be an appealing draw for many punters. 

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, there is also an increase in demand for hand sanitiser displays, as people are more likely to visit the businesses that are doing their best to keep the public safe and secure in these uncertain times.

It’s all about putting innovation first and exploring how that innovation can be used to keep people enthused about your business. 

Because in a world where information is being thrown at us from a thousand different directions at a thousand miles a minute, you need to know how to stand out and peacock a little to make yourself heard. Digital signage might not be the only answer here, but it’s certainly a good start!

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