Digital worship - How digital signage can enhance your house of worship

14 Aug 2019

Digital signage isn’t just changing how we shop, how we navigate, and how we communicate - it’s also having an impact on how we worship.  Churches, synagogues, mosques, and temples across the world are now utilising digital signage to more clearly communicate the word of God. As such, these institutions have witnessed an incredible increase in their average attendance across the board.

But why, exactly? Below, we’ll attempt to explain just that.

Community - Worship is, in part, about creating a sense of community and digital LED screens allow for a more uniquely tailored experience, with the ability to reveal messages dedicated to individual members of the congregation. 

They can also be used to reveal images and movies that can either reinforce the worship happening at any given moment or act as separate billboards for other messages.

Practicality - The clutter of the average notice board at any house of worship will probably be notorious amongst the regular congregation. Digital signage, however, makes information more accessible from one screen. It can also be used to display the order of service, make announcements, and display the words to the current hymn being sung - meaning you’ll no longer need to distribute hymn books before each service.

Relevance - A common misconception about religion is that it is often reluctant to fit with the times. However, by investing in digital signage you will not only let the world know that you're willing to stay up-to-date  -but you’ll also perhaps attract a younger audience (who have been brought up on LED display screens) as a result.

Cost - When you take into account all of the photocopying and printing that the average house of worship will get through in a typical year, an LED display offers a far more cost-effective alternative. There are no recurring expenses associated with digital signage, apart from the initial cost of the LED display and the electricity used to run it.

Convenience - It’s unlikely that your house of worship is used for one purpose alone. It might be used to host all manner of events multiple times a week - from coffee mornings and playgroups to food banks and, of course, it will also be the venue of numerous celebration ceremonies. 

Flexible digital signage is ideal for a venue that has to wear so many hats, as they can be changed to suit the event at a moment’s notice. It’s also incredibly versatile and can be used for everything from displaying lyrics to promoting local events and even allowing local businesses to advertise their services.

Attention - Finally, once word gets around that your house of worship has joined the 21st century, you might just see a flock of curious individuals who are intrigued by the concept of worshipping in a way they’ve never experienced before.

Digital signage won’t just change the way you communicate with your congregation but it will change the way you worship too and there are no shortage of options available for those whose interests have been piqued: from gigantic LED video walls that will light up a room with light and colour, to more subtle, flexible LED screens flanking the stage and lending a helping hand to ceremonies - there are enough options to give even the most tech-phobic of worshippers pause for thought.

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