Focus on LED lighting in climate change race against time.

09 Dec 2015

LEDs are big business when it comes to looking at ways to fight climate change. So much so that a public-private partnership has been planned between some of the world´s biggest polluters and leading companies such as Philips and IKEA as they commit to a scheme to overhaul lighting globally.

The US, Indian and Chinese Governments are supporting the plan to fit 10 billion super efficient light bulbs throughout the globe to tackle the increase in emissions caused by the demand for lighting.  Indian and China are expected to sell 800 million and 5 billion LED bulbs respectively with Swedish retailer IKEA, who switched its entire lighting range to LED this September, committed to selling 500 million by the year 2020.

Speaking to the Guardian newspaper in an interview Ibrahim Baylan, Sweden´s minister for energy, explained that the project is the result of an exceptional rise in innovations in the lighting sector over the past few years and spoke of joining the race with other Clean Energy Partners to “realise the efficiency potential that exists in Sweden and the rest of the world.”

It is understood that 13 other major economies including the EU, Australia and Mexico will also be onboard in light of the fact that demand for lighting is estimated to rise fifty percent by 2030 as the population increases and more and more people get connected to an electricity grid.

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