High quality screens: Keeping employees informed

01 May 2019

Whether your company employs 10 people or 1000, good communication is imperative in modern business. Retaining the best talent is a real challenge and keeping them happy will go a long way towards securing future success.

One of the issues that is consistently brought up by unhappy employees is a lack of clear communication, especially between management and workers. Sometimes company-wide emails are easy to ignore, or are sent at a high frequency and lose their impact. Sometimes what you need is a dynamic and interesting way of communicating with your workforce.

Company values

Written communication for your employees needs to be engaging, thoughtful and clear. A screen or two in the office can be used to communicate information about the business, or simply whatever is important for that day. It’s a way of reminding your hardworking employees what their objectives are.

Company announcements are usually dull for employees and easy to ignore. But the best companies encourage their employees to get engaged in each project; unsurprisingly these are also the companies with the best retention rates. High-quality screens give you the medium to communicate your company news in a memorable way.

What’s more, high-quality screens give workers the sense that the company is invested in them, particularly if they’re exclusively used for communication. Writing for @StaffbaseHQ, Sina Kaye Lockley explains that employees favour speed, too:

“Internal communication in the workplace is no exception. In order to connect and reach the new workforce that consists mainly of millennials and Gen Z, messages need to be brief and precise, and ideally, they are no longer delivered over email. Speed allows for more and better targeted operative updates, which means that communication can no longer cascade from one person to many, but instead must be dispersed simultaneously.”


A screen isn’t just the communications that are displayed on it. A screen is a way for a company to show that it’s forward thinking; that it is willing to embrace the future and communicate with employees in a more direct way. Obviously, for a company of 5 people, employees might see their boss every day. But for major companies of several hundred people, the company owner might be a distant figure, too busy to be able to make themselves present in the office.

A screen presents an opportunity to innovate, especially with internal PR. The way you present your company, and yourself, to your employees will play a big part in keeping up morale.

Likewise, it is an interesting benefit during visitor tours. You won’t be embarrassed to bring them to the office - it will be the highlight of their trip. A company that is willing to innovate is one which will impress customers.

If you’re interested in learning more about cutting-edge communication with screens, get in touch today. Our screen solutions have helped more than one business realise its potential and engaged their workforce.

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