Hotel digital signage - The top 5 uses

30 Jun 2021

Digital sign uses in hotels

While the world has continued to evolve in many ways, one thing that has remained largely unchanged in the past few decades is the typical hotel check-in experience. We reach the front desk, awkwardly fumble for our details (or our phones) while juggling our luggage and/or children and wait for the concierge to ensure every box is ticked as an increasingly angry line forms behind us. But it doesn’t need to be this way.

Digital signage solutions have been used increasingly in many forward-thinking hotels to streamline the check-in process and ease the strain on personnel. These digital check-in stations can be used to check guests in without bothering the staff and will make the whole check-in process faster and more convenient. But these wonderful screens can offer so much more. Here are five other uses besides automated check-in that we’d recommend for any hotel wishing to stand out in a post-COVID world.

1. Information station

Given that they are generally located in the hotel lobby, digital signage is ideally placed to deliver targeted information to your guests. You can use it to inform them of everything from the opening hours of the pool, the bar and restaurant (not to mention menus), contact information for local taxi companies and even flight schedules if you’re located close to an airport.

2. Promotional tools

If you’re trying to draw attention to promotions happening in the hotel itself, or at partner establishments, then digital signage is the perfect platform. Their flexible nature means you can switch out the advertisements depending on external factors. For example, if you are offering extra night stay deals to guests as you have a few empty rooms to fill or perhaps a loyalty scheme to build return custom? You could also sell advertising to local businesses, building another valuable revenue stream in the process.

3. Finding your way

For larger hotels, digital signs can be used as interactive maps; this will help guests to navigate and feel more comfortable in their temporary home. This takes a lot of the pressure off the concierge to direct everyone where they need to go and can also be used in an emergency (such as a fire) to potentially save lives. Think of the digital screens as another member of the workforce.

4. Corporate intrigue

Many hotels put on large events such as business conferences and weddings, often simultaneously. In these situations, digital signage could be a vital lifeline easing the strain on the front desk and being used to direct people to where they need to be. At a wedding, for example, it could be used to display table placings, whereas for a conference it could list times and locations of various talks and meetings. Endlessly flexible.

5. A hotel worker’s best friend

Finally, it’s not just the customers who will benefit from digital signage in your hotel. For staff, they can be used as training tools, as communication and even as motivational platforms. They truly are a multipurpose and increasingly affordable option with dozens of potential revenue generation applications.

If you feel like your hotel could benefit from digital signage, contact Spectra today and we’ll be happy to talk you through your options.

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