How the use of LEDs is spreading throughout the globe.

20 Mar 2015

There seems to be no end to the LED march to conquer the world of lighting.

From an LED littered revamp of Australia’s most famous ferris wheel the Melbourne Star to an eco-friendly renovation of America’s iconic Empire State Building, LEDs are increasingly becoming the obvious lighting choice for all types of buildings.

Buildings, landmarks and events are by no means is the end of the story though. In the USA, the country that pioneers beauty and anti-ageing treatments, LED facials are now been introduced, an upgrade to your average salon-spa facial, they allege to give the skin a healthier overall condition that means it can withstand the rigours of daily life such as pollution.

In the Netherlands, good news for food lovers in the guise of strawberries that taste even more delicious when grown under LED lighting! Also showing their usefulness in ways you don’t obviously think of, this time from the world of horse riding, as riders and those working with horses are enjoying the extra safety offered by velco-attached LED lights for horses tails.  Simple, clever idea…the list of uses just goes on and on!

On the technical front, LEDs are reportedly being used in the so called ‘bionic’ contact lenses that are being developed in Sweden and South Korea, amongst other places.  (This should be an interesting development worth following for those interested in technology.) It is truly amazing how much of a smart choice they have become.

This LED news was taken from an article in an online newspaper. You can read more about LED and its uses at the BeamLed site, link below.


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