Huge growth estimate for LED displays and signage to 2019.

15 Apr 2014

Global demand for outdoor signage displays is on the up and will continue to rise some 12% up to 2019 say research experts. The market will be worth approximately 3.5 billion dollars according to a market research company who have done the study into the industry.

The company, ElectroniCast Consultants, says the demand is being drive by sales of digital signage and commercial TV type displays in particular, also large format displays sold through business to business activity. Airports, commercial shopping centres, public transportation companies and transit stations are all busy placing their orders. Commercial use is huge of course and simply ever-growing, from sports displays to food advertisement displays to simple destination signs. The list goes on and on in terms of the array of uses of LED displays.

The prediction in growth includes consideration of the market for standard-type type LEDs versus high-brightness type LEDs used for professional displays. In terms of value, HB-LEDs are forecast to hold on to the market share lead but in terms of volume in numbers, the standard-type LEDs dominate in market share, due to the vast difference in average selling prices between HB-LEDs and standard LEDs, they explained.

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