How to integrate social media with digital signage

11 Dec 2019

In the last decade, the sheer possibilities of digital signage have expanded dramatically from nifty little displays to truly engaging content that doesn’t just advertise but builds brands too. 

As the world becomes more connected through social media, it’s also gradually becoming more intimately entwined with the wide world of hashtags and shares, as more brands utilise their OOH digital signage to promote their social media profiles.

However, as with any new idea, there is a right way to do it and a wrong way to do it and far too many brands are being lazy with their OOH social media integration when there is so much latent potential there. With 67% of the entire population of the UK now using social media, it’s a deep and nearly endless pool that brands should be pulling from in all areas of their campaigning.

So, here we’ll be focusing on the right ways that brands and agencies should be integrating their social media with digital signage.

Visible content

The one major thing that might deter brands from the idea of integrating social media with their digital signage is that it’s another ‘thing’ to add to a display that, by nature, needs to draw attention instantly. 

The more needless content there is on the digital screen, the more it will detract from the brand message. That’s why your social media integration should operate on an ‘all or nothing’ approach. Because, if the content isn’t visible - why is it even there? 

There are various clever ways you can make your Twitter handle or Facebook URL stand out without making them too obvious and garish. Use contrasting colours to draw attention to them or animate them to make them stand out from the rest of the display. 

If the content on your display is playing on a loop, meanwhile, set aside a specific ‘social media screen’ that includes all relevant links. Ticker style LED screens are perfect for this. The one thing you don’t want to do is just add a hashtag to the bottom of each screen and hope for the best.

Interactions matter

If you’re not highlighting the ‘social’ aspect of social media then you’re really not using it as intended. The whole point of the platform is to create a more emotional and immediate bond between brand and consumer and this can be achieved by focusing more on user-generated content and interactions than on status updates.

 Update your social media display in real-time with customer reviews and artwork and celebrate your loyal customers with a ‘tweet of the week’. This all makes your brand seem that much more human.

It’s important to still monitor these comments, of course, as otherwise, you might end up accidentally promoting disparaging content. But don’t completely dismiss ‘troll’ content either, as any good trolling post leaves itself open for a witty comeback that could make your brand feel like a genuine hero.

Call them to action

A clear call to action (CTA) is pretty much advertising 101, but in digital signage, that importance is amplified tenfold as customers will typically only catch a fleeting glimpse of your message. 

That means social media shouldn’t just be there for the sake of being there; it should have a clear purpose. If your end game is more likes and follows, make that clear in your CTA and if your goal is to drive sales, consider offering discount codes.

The keyword here is “clarity” and to be present your CTA in a clear way that is also genuinely engaging. Because today’s consumers know when they’re being sold to and it’s up to you to circumvent their cynicism somehow and appeal to that same urge that makes them check their Facebook profile every 30 seconds.


Finally, when it comes to integrating social media in the very open and visible space of digital signage, you must consider these three things above all else:-

Audience - Who are you trying to reach and what social media platforms do they prefer?

Language - Do you communicate with hashtags or more in-depth sentences?

Display - What digital displays do you have to work with and how flexible are they?

Keep this in mind at all times and be flexible with your content and you should be bringing in those followers in no time.

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