LCD advertising - The affordable solution for closed shops during COVID-19

19 Feb 2021

One thing that retail establishments of all shapes and sizes have had to become quite adept at in recent months is learning how to be closed while still turning a profit. The COVID-19 pandemic and the lockdowns and restrictions that followed in its wake has meant retail stores and restaurants across the globe have had to start figuring out how to stay afloat when they are literally not allowed to open.

For the vast majority, the obvious solution is to migrate online and that is precisely what thousands of businesses have done. For some, it’s meant using a third-party seller such as Amazon or Uber Eats to help them with the transition and for others, it’s meant investing more heavily in their own online presence or offering click and collect services. Regardless of what path you’ve chosen though, you’re going to need to let your regular customers know the state of play.

LCD advertisement

That’s where LCD advertisement comes into play. Whereas LED displays might be great as large statement displays for larger spaces, they are definitively high-end options. Simply put, it’s a pretty big bit of kit for a local ‘ma and pa’ shop.

An LCD screen would be much better placed in terms of size, ease of setup, flexibility and how quickly you can get it in place. Indeed, there is an average 48 hour lead time for most LCD installations between order and setup. For a relatively modest sum you could invest in a completely customisable LCD screen to use as a showcase for your store. 

This could include opening hours, online services, click and collect instructions and other ways for customers to interact with your business. You could even go a step further and include a special discount voucher they can use so they don’t feel like it was a wasted journey!

And that’s not all

These affordable and flexible LCD screens might also be useful for community centres and local government for keeping the lifeblood of a town centre flowing and not only communicating social distancing but also the support available to the local community. The few shops that can remain open during lockdown might also find these screens are the perfect way of promoting goods in-store and changing up what might otherwise be a pretty dull window display.

It’s a practical, easy-to-use and affordable solution to a problem that we might be facing for some time to come yet. So don’t allow your store to sit in silence any longer and get in touch with us today for a quote.

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