LED backlighting to become standard technology for LCD manufacturers.

19 Nov 2013

LED back lighting is expected to become the standard technology for LCD manufacturers over the next few years as 100% of all LCD televisions are soon  to be illuminated by it.  With plasma TVs being phased out and OLED too expensive for the average consumer, LED backlit LCD TV is definitely here to stay, say observers in the industry.

The LED boom for this purpose only really begin in 2009. Prior to this, only 3% of LCD television models used the technology. Post-boom, LED-based LCD TVs currently account for 90%  the world market in 2013, the remaining 10% using older cold-cathode fluorescent lamp (CCFL) technology. CCFL will disappear in the next 3 years or so, predict market research firms. Japanese TV maker Sharp has already ceased using it and Samsung now puts it in just 5% of its TV models.

LED suppliers are now currently looking for new markets to take LED into, including the market for standard lighting and the rapid ascendency of LED means it has been able extend itself to the world of desktop PC monitors, as well. As of 2013, 86% of all flat-screen PC monitors are now made using LED-backlit technology, alongside 100% of tablets, notebooks and mobile phones.

There is a downside despite this upturn for suppliers of LED however, that being a decline in overall LED shipments due to a reduction in the number of individual LEDs need to make one panel.   The rise of OLED display technologies has also had some impact.

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