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25 Feb 2019

Health and safety rules can sometimes feel restrictive, but the truth is that these kinds of regulations are an everyday part of life in the 21st century. Businesses need to be fully aware of legislation; in the case of an accident, penalties for failing to observe proper health and safety guidelines can be severe. The Health and Safety Executive explains:

“If an employee is injured or becomes ill as a result of the work they do for you, they can claim compensation from you. Complying with health and safety legislation does not have to be difficult. As long as you have taken reasonable steps to prevent accidents or harm to your employees (and the injury or illness was caused after 1 October 2013), you shouldn’t have to pay compensation. However, if a court finds you are liable, employers’ liability insurance will help you to pay any compensation for your employees’ injuries or illness.”

In cases where there's a lot of information to display, whether it's to customers, site visitors or your own employees, LED signage might be an option worth exploring. It occasionally gets overlooked, but a prominent and visible attitude towards maintaining health and safety is great for a brand’s image because it shows the public your company cares about its employees.

Updating information

Using older signage often means upkeep and physically updating information as it changes. Displaying a set of changing data can literally mean rewriting the sign. Past attempts at streamlining this process were limited to a set of number cards on hooks, attached to a sign.

Instead of wasting your time with a fixed message, consider installing an LED or LCD display that can change its information dynamically. They are easy to set up and will automatically update statistics each day. If you want to change the kind of information to display this can be achieved through the use of simple software.

This applies to all parts of the signage - information like a company’s name or branding can be altered just as easily, making your LCD or LED signage a long-term investment for years to come.

Screens and safety

It isn't only LED displays that are useful for displaying health and safety data. For businesses who interact with customers face-to-face, such as in a store or public building, LED screens can be deployed to communicate important safety information.

Employees will also feel the benefit of LED screens, as outlined in the official government directives on health and safety:

“If the hearing or sight of any employee is impaired, for example by wearing personal protective equipment, additional measures should be taken to ensure that employees can see or hear the warning sign or signal, for example by increasing the brilliance or volume.”

One of the major selling points of LED screens is their unrivalled vibrancy, contrast and colours, meaning they're the perfect vehicle for communicating information to those with impaired senses. They can also be combined with a sound system or even a PA system to offer spoken or sound notifications in the event of an emergency.

If you want to learn more about the uses for LED and LCD screens to meet health and safety requirements, take a look around our site. We offer specific solutions to these challenges, and our friendly team will know exactly how to help you and your business.

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