LED innovation to aid sleep!

10 May 2014

With sleep experts blaming smart phones, tablets and other devices among the reasons why people are not getting enough sleep, technology has redeemed itself a little with the invention of an LED sleep aid named Drift Light.

The idea of the light is to mimick the way natural light changes throughout the day and works by reducing the amount of blue light emitted from gadgets,  in particular. The daylight mode works like an ordinary bulb but with low level of blue light emission. The night mode works by making the bulb gradually fade to darkness, imitating a sunset. What this does for us is to help our bodies increase the level of melatonin which it needs promote relaxation and to induce sleep. The light comes with a three modes in all, the third, moonlight mode, fades to a low light over a period of 37 minutes, just like a sunset, a perfect night light for children to use particularly.

The makers of the light, US technology company Saffron, claim the light also saves energy as it has a lifespan 30 times longer than the average incandescent, replacing the 40W needed for incandescent light to 7W for the new Drift Light.

At the moment the light, which is designed as a more convenient alternative to ordinary bedside lights, is being sold primarily in the U.S. but it is available to buy outside the States via a company called Sewell Direct.

Good news coming from the company in addition is that they are planning to introduce a further range of lights with different colour temperatures to affect people’s energy levels. According to a spokesman they are working on solutions for lights that will energise people on awakening. Wow! Impressive lighting technology indeed.

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