LED lighting and the future - the good new continues.

17 May 2015

We are always in awe of the extent of uses of LED lighting. Now, university researchers and Philips, leaders in the lighting industry, have revealed that LEDs may become a weapon in the fight against malaria because mosquitos are less attracted to it than to ordinary fluorescents. Although the research is in its infancy, this is certainly very promising news.

This is not the only breakthrough in LED usage of late. It appears also that some food can be grown vertically under lamps therefore more efficiently, requiring less water and much less energy. This discovery is part of a movement in urban farming which aims to grown food closer to the source of the need and cutting out transportation costs, among others. A prototype city farm just outside Chicago is enjoying some success with help, once again from the R & D arm of Philips.

I think we are all in agreement that LEDs are becoming pretty cool! As if we did not love them already.

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