LED to play a role in decarbonising the economy.

29 Apr 2016

LED lighting is expected to play a significant role in decarbonising the global economy through its energy savings as the market continues to grow year on year.  With current estimates of a global turnover more than $200bn over the next ten years the demand could result in around 100 less fossil fuel plants being in operation. 

Crucially, news that a newly confirmed breakthrough by Sydney semiconductor company BluGlass will see the company being involved in two major deals to supply a innovative new technology to large LED lighting companies.  After two decades of work that began originally as a university project it seems their product is finally ready.  Years of research have resulted in the company now having the ability to produce key LED ingredient gallium nitrate at lower temperatures.  What this will mean is tht devices can be manufactured using less power and at lower cost through a cheaper production process.  LEDs are currently made using reactor, obviously a hot process in which high heat is necessary to break bonds between materials.

With major lighting producers always looking to technological advances to improve the overall performance of their LED displays this is certainly big news for both business and the environment. 



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