LED vehicle call systems - The ideal traffic control solution for your lorry yard?

03 Sep 2020

The ability to organise people safely and securely is something that more businesses across the globe are having to come to terms with in a post-lockdown world where COVID-19 still runs rampant. This is a virus that has decimated the global economy and has forced us all to change the way we think, act and operate. 

In the wake of this monumental change, there has been a slew of systems gaining in popularity for controlling the population. This has ranged from digital signage being used to spread awareness of social distancing and cleanliness routines to traffic light systems that tell customers when they can and cannot enter a store. 

But what about vehicles? For lorry drivers, safety is always an issue, not just when there’s a pandemic swarming the globe. That’s why if your business deals with large vehicles carrying cargo or transporting items to and from different locations, an LED vehicle call system is the perfect solution.

What is a vehicle call system?

A vehicle call system works in many regards in the same way to an Airport check-in and flight status board, albeit on a small scale. It is a simple system of one or more LED displays that tell drivers where to go when they get on-site and when to go there.  

The LED display clearly shows gate and entrance numbers and lorry/tanker numbers with high brightness messages that are visible outside. Think of them as traffic management signals that are also able to offer more specific instructions and can be used in tandem with a driver paging system

The majority, as you would expect, are stationed outdoors, so they are built to withstand even the most punishing of weather conditions. Some customers also combine them with an indoor option that can be located in office spaces for canteens etc. 

Why do I need one?

It’s a flexible solution that is vital to ensure the safety of your drivers and vehicles in your lorry yard or any situation where there are lots of large, heavy-duty vehicles being driven to transport or deliver cargo. 

They are COVID compliant by keeping people and vehicles as far apart as realistically possible. At a time when there is an ever-increasing shift to online retail, they also allow businesses to maximise the use of their warehouse space to ensure quick turnaround and the most efficient use of their space thus keeping overheads down.

The vehicle calling LED displays also offer the potential for use in various markets as well as for displaying general information digitally. They come backed by the latest technology support too, so can perfectly sync with your usage demands. So, don’t delay contacting us today if this sounds like something that could benefit your business.

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