LED - what to expect in 2016.

18 Jan 2016

Interesting article on the ELECTRONICS WEEKLY website this month on expectations of the LED market for this year, with a particular focus of thermal management. It is an interview with Cambridge company Nanotherm who are experts in the particular field.  Speaking to the company's marketing manager, the online magazine reveals predications for the coming year.

It is expected that general growth in the LED market will come from the area of general lighting, this via an increase in high power and super high power LEDs.  We should not see any more growth in the LED TV market as, inevitably, it has become saturated, the same can be said for smart phone screens and backlighting.

Products with a focus on the enhancement of human well-being will form part of what we will see in terms of new technology; warm and cold light to suit certain environments, for example. This alongside continued motivation to make lighting 'smarter'/performance improved.

In terms of pricing of LEDs and thermal management technologies: the industry should prepare for a continued drop in price as manufacture moves to Asia.  LED producers are hoping that lower costs can be facilitated by innovation in chip scale packaging.  CSP is still in its early stages with some reliability and standards concerns still apparent, but a push to develop it due to an assured market for the technology should enable these issues to be resolved.

On the supplier/related industry side there exists general ease of entry for materials that can compete with ceramic substrates to supply into the LED technology and effective thermal management market.

You can read the article in full, see link below.


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