LEDs and Brand Identity

14 Nov 2018

One of the best uses of a marketing strategy is to spread it across all of your public channels, all following the same model and format. For large companies, this may mean using the same actor in all advertising and marketing materials, or featuring the same background or scene. Additionally, much of modern advertising is done online, or through mediums like television and on-demand programming, where social media can amplify the reach and results of your campaign.

However, physical advertising like paper or cardboard often cannot capture the essence or style of your sophisticated screen-based advertising. In this post, we take a look at how LED screens are your best bet for maintaining that hard-earned brand identity and using it in stores to boost sales.

Taking back retail

The success of retail stores nowadays is tied up with how well the physical is connected with the digital aspects of a store. Customers should feel as if they have stepped directly into your website, and this is achieved through a synergistic use of modern equipment like LED screens. Writing for Forbes, Shama Hyder dissects this new trend:

“A fascinating phenomenon is taking place. At the peak of digital domination, at the apparent apex of e-commerce, offline retail is making a comeback, only this time, on entirely different terms. In this retail renaissance, the best of aspects of digital augment a physical environment for a richly sensory, highly individualized, mood-boosting customer experience. The future of retail lies at the creative crossroads of architecture, interior design, digital analytics, and marketing.”

A company can use the exact same branding across all of its channels, but the best part is the versatility on offer. When the time comes to refresh the site, or change a part of the campaign, in-store screens means no heavy lifting. The message can be altered with a mouse-click, preserving the complementary effect of having in-store advertising match what's online. For larger businesses with more than one outlet, this alone will be an enormous time-saver, as well as being very budget-friendly.


Using LED screens to maintain brand identity in-store allows businesses to think bigger when it comes to their marketing campaigns. Sometimes that can be taken literally, with businesses using large screens to send a continuous, nuanced message to consumers (and change the language depending on who might see it).

However, it might also relate to the complexity of an idea. Hard copy, cardboard signage has one image to grab a shopper's attention—less than seconds before that attention has moved on to something else. An LED screen, with a moving picture, allows businesses to flesh out a story.

Being able to tell a story instead of simply showing a sign has been proven time and time again to be an extremely effective marketing tool. Your store can use the same overall brand campaign and expand upon it in-store, offering consumers a product as well as an ad, all displayed on a crystal clear, vibrant LED screen.

If you're interested in learning more about how LED screens can boost your brand identity, take a look around our site, or get in touch with a member of our friendly team today.

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