LEDs Consumer Market

01 Oct 2014

Transparency Market Research have published their latest report in which they analyzed the global LED market, concluding that market value could reach $12 billion by 2020. The findings seems in accord with previously released reports from other observers’ and concurs that the Asia-Pacific region will be the growth leader.

The TMR report takes into account uses of LED from mobile panels to video displays to facilities lighting, and cites outdoor lighting displays as contributing to rapid growth in the sector. Outdoor advertising, of course, has been given a boost in recent times due to its use in big sporting events such as the World Cup and Olympics Games. 

Common themes in the report remain, particularly in that the high initial purchase price is still a sometime hindrance to sales, although the consistently proven energy-efficiency over long periods keeps the demand for products high.

On an altogether different consumer level, Mars, the confectioner, has revealed recently that use of LED to display its products has helped the company increase sales of confectionery by over 10%! A finding echoed by Wrigleys. 

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