Meeting health and safety standards in style with LED health and safety

28 Aug 2019

In today’s world, health and safety management is of paramount importance for businesses who have a legal obligation to protect the health, safety and welfare of not only employees but anyone who may be affected by their business.  Workplace accidents can interrupt business operation and often lead to poor employee morale. Even worse, they can do irreparable brand damage.

When it comes to reducing RIDDOR incidents in the workplace, clear, relevant and timely information is key.  Given the speed with which such information may change (perhaps by the hour), traditional signage simply won’t cut it; digital signage presents a much more efficient solution.

Digital signage

Both LED and LCD displays can be used to convey key health and safety information.  They can be used to remind workers when certain standards need to be adhered to or when conditions change and require health and safety standards to do likewise. For example, low-cost, scrolling LED signs can be installed in production plants with a link to a central hub where messages can be controlled. 

Many responsible employers choose to utilise a lost time accident board to display everything from the number of days since the last on-site incident to the record number of days without an incident. This can further incentivise workers to adhere to sensible health and safety practices.  

Digital lost time accident displays are easily updated to show subtle health and safety reminders, general statistics, and the number of lost time hours.

High-quality digital signage screens allow you to broadcast custom messages to both workers and members of the general public in a manner that complies with all modern HSE standards. 

Modern displays are significantly more flexible than their older counterparts and allow for remote control of content. Messaging software is also quick and convenient enough to be set up once and then only altered in the case of an incident. 

Spectra's LTA display range

Spectra’s new display solution utilises digital displays that are designed for 24/7 use. They offer the ultimate flexibility allowing you to update or change your content with ease.  

They have none of the restrictions of the static signs of old.  In fact, if it can be seen on a PC screen, it can be seen on our LTA digital display range. The screens are full HD and boast a wide range of display features.  

Meanwhile, our control software is incredibly flexible and simple to operate. They are suitable for a wide range of environments and represent a future proof solution for health and safety messages.


LED signs can also be used to display a number of environmental factors, alongside health and safety information that might have an impact on employee well-being.

This includes:-

Time - If workers are always aware of the time, they are more likely to work safely and will know when to take a break. Regular breaks are incredibly important, particularly for those in manual jobs.

Temperature - It’s important that people working in high temperatures are aware of the risks of heat stress; communicating information on temperature and humidity can help with behavioural management, thus reducing the risks.  

Equally, while the HSE does not offer specific guidance on working in temperatures below 13°C, it is important to ensure compliance with the law regarding cold stress

Reminders -  Use your safety displays to remind workers to take regular breaks, to ensure that their health and safety isn’t at risk if their work is ‘monotonous’ (e.g. working on a production line). 

Alarms - Fire and smoke alarm notifications can also be displayed via these signs.  This is a reasonable adjustment that supplements audio alarms in loud environments, or in quieter environments for those that are hard of hearing.

Investing in a digital health and safety sign will not only help your business meet HSE standards but will reflect positively on your business and its brand as long as you use them wisely in sensible, prominent locations. 

You can also utilise various additional features (depending on the display) such as message lines, company logos, upcoming events, date, time, and even competitions. It’s truly the best way to make sure you’re always adhering to the latest safety standards in style.

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