Predicted Changes in LED markets for 2014.

27 Jun 2014

With a current market value of over twelve billion dollars and an ever increasing demand from the mobile technology sector as well as for traditional LED lighting applications, business community network CIOL reveals the major changes to come in LED application for 2014:

Pitch LED displays further promoted by manufacturers. High resolution and good colour saturation being advantages as they push these types of displays into mass consumer markets.

Rise in demand for outdoor lighting and lighting use in engineering and the commercial markets. LED package applications are seeing growth, particulary in the commercial sector where certain mid power LEDs have become mainstream and are expected to exceed demand for high power LED.

LED-backlit TV market value to slump for first time due to saturated market and slow down of TV sales.

On the telcoms front:

Industry experts expect tablet LED backlight applications CAGR will reach 8 percent from 2013 to 2017. Although consignments lower than previously forecast, LED tablet applications remain the principle growth drive in future backlight markets.

Flash LED demand could be raised by increase in dual-flash LED designs as smartphone manufacturers quest for imaginative models.

Good all-round news for the industry.

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