Pressure remains on LED industry to lower prices.

16 Dec 2015

Although experts are predicting year on year growth for the LED industry the problem of pricing still remains.   Statistics put forward from research and marketing company Strategies Unlimited suggest most LED manufacturers will enjoy growth over the next few years made of up a 57%/43% split between strips, lamps, outdoor, industrial & commercial, entertainment, retail, security; then signage, mobile, automotive and monitors/devices, respectively.

New construction is expected to contribute to the demand for LEDs but the inputting of new lighting and replacement of old style inefficient bulbs is a cost that naturally requires some consideration.

As discussions on the matter continue, a spokesperson for Texas Instruments suggested that a retail price of around two dollars could be reality in the future.  At present 60W LED bulbs retail at under ten dollars, five dollars for savvy customers who have time to shop around.   The price of 100W bulbs however remains steadfast and they are still deemed too expensive.  The problem lies in the decision whether to make the upfront investment, particularly when replacing a large number bulbs with LEDs that don´t reap immediate savings (the reward is seen only in the long term), continues to make consumers hesitant about making the purchase.



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