QLED Technology

22 Jan 2014

Big news! “The commercialization of quantum dots using kilogram quantity mass production is a game-changer.”

Very scientific, very exciting for the LED market in terms of products that offer brighter lighting, lower costs and longevity. And research suggests that once one major vendor puts their stake in the industry, others will need to follow immediately or rapidly lose their share of the market. Samsung are estimating that QLED will cost less than half of what it costs to make LCDs or OLED panels.

So what are?  They are semi conductor crystals with optical properties, nanoparticle size 2nm to 10nm range in diameter. They are able to produce different colours, depending on the quantum size and shape of production materials and are made through a synthesis process. Or simply put for non-physicists – we can apply voltage to the them and they emit light!

There are a number of key companies already actively operating with LED backlighting for LCD displays, LED general lighting, and solar power quantum dots beginning to reach the market with the production side continuing to evaluate other applications. LG has revealed plans to work with QD Vision, a developer in the US.

We look forward to future update on progress.

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