Spectra make a commitment to quality with recent ISO audit

03 Feb 2021

In an increasingly-competitive world, quality is a commodity that matters more than ever. At Spectra, we have always been committed to maintaining the quality of our products and our services and throughout the pandemic, even as we are forced to pivot to new and potentially unfamiliar territories, we have refused to take our eyes off the ball.

We are proud to be able to guarantee that every Spectra product is manufactured under strict ISO 9001 quality system guidelines accredited to ISO 9001:2015 level by a UKAS approved auditor. 

We do this by utilising a blend of cutting-edge automated technology with manual production, adjusting the balance on a project dependent basis to ensure every order is treated like an individual - whatever the size of the project. 

We pride ourselves on offering the highest quality solutions, with our production facilities operating like a well-oiled machine, even in times of unprecedented uncertainty. 

What is an ISO audit?

ISO 9001:2015 is an international standard dedicated to Quality Management Systems (QMS). It represents the standard by which all companies that provide products and services to consumers should be striving to attain. 

It’s a flexible standard that allows an organisation to define its own definition of quality but the underlying principles remain ironclad.

The audit is carried out by an independent, UKAS approved certification body, with that body engaged directly by an organisation to vet its quality control. It’s an important certification and a mark of quality that is in great demand among clients.

A commitment to quality

The annual ISO audit is something we hold ourselves to every year, come rain or shine. This year, we’re especially proud of the achievement, given the odds we’ve had to face and the challenges we’ve had to overcome due to COVID and lockdown. 

But it goes to show that a commitment to quality is not a luxury for Spectra. It’s a foundational part of our identity.

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