Reinvention - Refreshing your premises to prepare for a vaccinated world

10 Mar 2021

We wouldn’t exactly call it the “all clear” but we have at least been given some semblance of a roadmap out of this whole COVID-induced mess. 

Whether it’s June 21 or not, it would seem that this summer the UK is finally going to be able to get back to some semblance of normality. 

But it’s a normality that’s going to come with some caveats and businesses and establishments of all shapes and sizes are going to have to make some adjustments if they are going to reopen at 100% capacity into this post-pandemic world. 

There will need to be an element of reinventing space and refreshing premises to put clientele at ease and operate effectively in a world where we’re forced to live side-by-side with COVID.


People are finally going to be able to return to work soon and offices are going to need a little sprucing up if they’re going to be able to cope with the new normal. There are bound to be many businesses that have managed to adapt to the hybrid or remote working model, who will have far more space. 

But for those offices expecting 100% occupancy, desks will need to be rearranged and shared working areas are going to require a little policing to ensure social distancing is being maintained.

Internal office displays are ideal for communicating messages across larger offices and keeping employees informed and engaged. They are also cost-effective and easy to install. 

In reception areas meanwhile, you could invest in a more advanced LCD screen to greet and keep guests entertained and inform them of your office’s specific operating practices.

Gyms and leisure facilities

Perhaps one of the sectors that has suffered most profoundly as a result of the constant cycle of lockdowns is the leisure sector. The headlines have been packed with punters and gym-owners alike lamenting the widespread closures. 

With gyms set to reopen tentatively on April 12, there’s precious little time for proprietors to start kitting out their centres with upgraded cleaning stations that not only keep customers safe and clean but also include an LED screen offering guidance and promotions. 

The primary focus is going to be rearranging the equipment, of course. You may also need to revisit your pricing structure, which is going to require decent communication via flexible digital displays. 

Messaging is going to be crucial in the post-lockdown world and all gyms should be rearranged with this in mind. Signs informing everyone to clean down the equipment after every use are also highly recommended.

Retail stores

All non-essential shops are also set to reopen on April 12 at the earliest and need to make changes accordingly. 

From the first few weeks of the very first lockdown, it’s been retail that has arguably taken the greatest steps to cultivate COVID-secure environments. 

Supermarkets were the very first venues to start experimenting with social distancing wayfinding and should be used as a litmus test by all who hope to reopen safely.

It’s not only the adoption of digital wayfinding solutions that should be encouraged but also traffic light systems that dictate how many customers can be in the store at any one time. 

People need to be able to feel safe without feeling as if they’re being herded around the store like cattle. A clear, concise traffic light system paired with vinyl floor arrows and more in-depth digital messaging is the best way to handle it.


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