Samsung’s OLED TV September European launch – price €7,999!

03 Sep 2013

Starting in Berlin, Germany, on September 6 at Europe’s biggest trade show the IFA, spectators will see the first European exhibit of Samsung’s Curve de OLED TV, their answer to last year’s LG’s innovative product. Releases will follow in France, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy and the UK with a gradual roll-out continuing into other European countries.

The KE55S9C retail price, interesting, comes out at approximately €1,000 less that its fellow Korean rival LG’s 55EA980V version.

The key differences in the two products are reported to be:
The pixel structure (“true” RGB vs WRGB) and 3D display technology (active-shutter glasses vs passive 3D).

In addition, because of its active 3D capabilities, the Samsung KE55S9C can transmit two separate HD images simultaneously to two different viewers along with the corresponding audio. Samsung’s active 3D eyewear features integrated stereo speakers and a button that enables users to switch between the two sources without the need to change the glasses.

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