Increasing Product visibility using Screens

10 Apr 2019

In the past, we’ve discussed how LCD and LED screens can be used to communicate messages about brand and identity. Businesses can use screens to synergistically link their online or television marketing with a dynamic presence in-store. This broad strategy has been shown to pay off in a variety of industries. However, screens can also be used to increase a specific product’s visibility. In this post, we take a look at how a business can turn a struggling product around with some well-placed LCD screens.

Drawing in customers

There’s nothing like the shiny allure of a new product. Consumers are drawn to things they haven’t seen before, which makes grabbing their attention easier. Using a high-quality LCD screen, it’s possible to skip ahead to the next step. A screen is the perfect medium to communicate the benefits of the product by showing it in action. But this is just the beginning - a major draw, presented on a screen, can bring customers inside the store.

A screen is an eye-catching way of turning some of the high street’s footfall into sales.

Increasing indoor sales

Having attracted customers inside, the next stage is to advertise existing products or services (rather than only new products, for instance). The high refresh rates and sharp colours of an LCD  or LED screen can offer a far more visually stimulating experience than older mediums like posters or cardboard signage.

This leads us to a key benefit of installing screens to boost indoor sales: the dynamic targeting of products. Using your sales figures, it’s possible to use your screens to boost sales of slow-moving products. It is a way of boosting a product’s visibility without creating new marketing materials, and gives you a huge measure of control over what customers see in-store. Combined with innovative store-mapping expertise, you can use your screens with pinpoint precision, identifying exactly where (and even when) to advertise a flagging product.

Soothing frayed nerves

The modern shopper comes in a variety of emotional states, from disinterested to stressed to excitable. Appealing to everyone isn’t easy. Writing for @LibertyOnlineUK, Paul Hunter explains why screens can be useful in this regard:

‘There is the age old saying: ‘the customer is always right’. Keeping the customer happy is at the top of every company’s to do list. Digital displays enhance the immersive customer experience and it is hoped that going this ‘extra mile’ will create loyal customers who come back time after time. Some people find shopping stressful, especially when it is busy and these screens can take away some of that anxiety. And items can be found in only a few movements, cutting out timely searches for specific items.’

In an age where physical stores have to compete with the convenience of online shopping, it’s imperative that business owners pay attention to the actual experience of shopping. Customers should want to come to the store, not just to buy something, but because they actually enjoy visiting. It is once they are there that you indoor screens can work their magic, highlighting your best products and even pointing out where in the store they can be found.

If you want to learn more about how LED and LCD screens could boost sales and product visibility, get in touch with a member of our friendly team today.

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