Sony Unveils ‘Crystal LED’

11 Jan 2012

Sony has developed self-emitting display technology,  a  55 inch prototype of which it demonstrated in full HD at the Intenational Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this month.

The self-emitting display uses ultrafine LEDs in each of the RGB colours, equivalent to the number of pixels (approximately six-million LEDs for full HD) and is the first of its kind.

Sony boasts that ‘Crystal LED ’as it has been christened, has a 3.5 times higher contrast and 1.4 wider colour gamut compares to that of its existing TVs.

Sony said also of the product “The result is images with strikingly higher contrast (in both light and dark environments), superb video image response time, and wider viewing angles when compared to existing LCD and plasma displays, with low power consumption” (around 70W).

The company are not bringing to an end development and commercialisation of organic light emitting diode (OLED) displays however, but, in contrast to its Korean counterparts Samsung and LG it will be working meticulously to push Crystal LED into the market as the next generation prototype

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