Quality is key as Spectra turns 30

15 May 2019

Some companies are great at marketing; others have an incredible sales team. But at the end of the day, the success and longevity of a company is based on the quality of their products, as well as the team who work with them. Spectra is turning 30 years old this year. Our brand is built on industry expertise, the latest LCD, LED displays and equipment, and a team of intuitive industry specialists.

Our customers come to us for the highest-quality LCD and LED displays, and that’s why we make sure every one of our products meets their exacting standards. We’re proud of our commitment to excellence, and it’s why we’re still going strong after thirty years.

We’re engineers at heart, and we work with our customers to offer solutions all the way from the initial concept to installation and beyond. We love to design innovative solutions to your display needs, and we don’t use confusing jargon or unnecessary documentation. It’s just real-world advice, delivered in a friendly, welcoming package.

It doesn’t end once the screen is powered up. Our relationship with our customers means being there for support long after we’ve packed up. We can manage the signs for you or pop round for a tune up. You don’t get to 30 by ignoring the needs of your customers.

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