A vision of the future: the Digital A Frame

17 Apr 2019

Digital A FrameHere at Spectra Displays, our team are defined by their ambition and innovation. We believe in the quality of our products, and we’re always ready to find ways of solving a client’s problems and fulfilling their display needs.

With that in mind, we’re proud to introduce a new product that has the potential to change the way we use screens, especially in retail environments: the Digital A Frame. In this post, we’ll detail what makes this product special, and why you should consider investing in one soon.


There’s no denying the incredible effects of using digital displays as a way of enticing passing customers. Businesses are able to use screens as a medium for their existing marketing campaigns - transforming the appearance of stores and acting in synergy with a comprehensive approach to advertising.

Additionally, the use of screens in-store as a way of advertising specific products or simply maintaining your brand visibility has been used to great effect in all manner of retail environments.

However, one challenge remains: how to use screens where footfall is highest if that’s not where your store is located. The Digital A Frame can be used in any location at any time, set up by an employee without special training. That’s because this new product runs on groundbreaking battery technology, not mains electricity.

It can be set up quickly and easily, and once it’s turned on will run for up to 12 hours on a single charge - effectively the duration of the shopping window on a weekend day. The applications for this technology are immediate and obvious - an employee manning a kiosk would have access to a simple and effective digital display, on demand.


Content can be displayed on your Digital A Frame via USB memory stick or through a content management system, allowing for quick and easy changes to your mobile display. What’s more, this content will be displayed on a 49” IPS Panel, with 700 nits, offering extra clarity. Since mobility is such a useful trait, it makes sense that it is built using 5mm of toughened glass, preventing any damage in transit between high footfall locations.

Digital A Frame rearWe are so confident of the quality of this product, it comes with a 3 year warranty on both the battery and the screen itself. You can rest assured that this screen will stand up to the rigours of the modern retail environment, and your employees will be able to use it with confidence.


The Digital A Frame is also customisable, and you are able to incorporate your company’s logo as part of the design. There is space to add a vinyl logo to the screen, reminding everyone passing of your company’s branding.

Used in conjunction with your store’s mains-powered displays, you’ll be able to reach the whole high street or mall from just one location, ensuring your marketing message reaches your target audience.  

This product will be available very soon. If you’d like to learn more about our display solutions and how they can benefit your business, get in touch with a member of our friendly team today.

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